I’m David George Ellis, founder, owner and operator of Wandering Stars.

Wandering Stars is a vision that I’m so proud to be bringing to life. This endeavor of mine has been a decades-long smoldering passion, and it’s finally making its way to the surface of reality.

For 17 years, I was a professional filmmaker and content creator based in New York. My specialization in operating camera stabilizing systems, better known as a Steadicam, granted me numerous opportunities to make my life tangibly better, through love and transformation, utilizing artistry and compassion.

My film career began in 2003, where I enrolled in a 12-week, all-immersive workshop at New York Film Academy. In July of that year, upon an invite from one of my classmates, I traveled to the northern region of Spain, Pamplona specifically, where I ran with the bulls…

And unwittingly walked on to my first job as a BTS photographer and videographer for the feature, “Americano”

On this film, I befriended operator, BJ McDonnell, who introduced the Steadicam to me. This gave rise to a desire to master it and other forms of camera support. My desire then became an obsession for storytelling greatness. The hunger to entertain and feed the mind, a sensation that I have had since I was a little boy, had fully burrowed and taken root throughout my entire being.

My experience in Pamplona, and subsequent return to America, only accelerated my need to be industrious and carve my name into the concrete and asphalt of The City of New York. Understanding the power of “YES”, I took money set aside for college and bought my first Steadicam and took any gig offered to me.

I was hired to DP my first short in 2005 and then shot my first feature, “Pressure”, in 2007. Since then, I built up my reputation as a premier Camera/Steadicam Operator on numerous films, tv shows, concerts, live events, music videos, and commercials.

In 2021, I retired from the grind of being on set to begin my new hustle as a custom decorator for apparel and merchandise, as well as launch my own branded apparel company.

I have come a long way from putting on dramas using Star Wars figurines in my parents’ living room at the age of 6. I continue to push the artist inside of me by waking early, seeking the truth, writing, shooting, editing, designing graphics, pressing apparel, and loving my wife, two sons and German Shepherd.